Don’t Get on the Plane First. It Just Doesn’t Make Sense

    Don’t Get on the Plane First. It Just Doesn’t Make Sense

    5:02 AM EDT, August 23, 2022

    If possible, don't get on the plane first. Unfortunately, this is probably a habit of people in many countries. However, it completely fails when it comes to airplanes. In this article we will try to explain why this is the case.

    Old habits are the hardest to ill


    It's hard to say why, whenever we're about to board a public transportation vehicle, we make a big deal about standing right at the beginning of the line and being one of the first people to get on. This is also very apparent when getting off. Anyone who uses public transportation on a daily basis sees people squeezing at the exit before the vehicle even comes to a standstill. And yet everyone manages to get off anyway.

    Crowding at the entrance is even more incomprehensible when we have purchased a specific seat in a particular means of transportation. After all, no one will take it away from us. And yet many people line up to sit down as quickly as possible. It's as if the seat could somehow magically disappear. Many passenger flight experts point out that this habit is especially bad for air travel. And this is so for at least 3 reasons.

    Don't get on the plane first at any price - it's totally not worth it

    Why isn't it worth pushing your way to get on the plane right from the start?

    - First of all, you won't waste your time standing in line, it's much more convenient to sit in the waiting area at that time.


    - The second important thing is that if you line up only the end instead of the beginning, you won't have to deal with the crowded aisle and sleeve.

    - Third, you will spend less time on the plane. And especially at the beginning of the trip, being in it is unpleasant because of the unregulated airflow, which is harder and less pleasant to breathe. Because of this, you can only get additional, completely avoidable stress. And your already paid-for seat, after all, will not be occupied by anyone else anyway.

    A small exception...


    If you have a large piece of hand luggage, then it is better to board the plane at the beginning of the queue. After all, it may turn out that boarding at the end you will have nowhere to put it if all the baggage lockers are occupied.

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