Don’t Approach Dogs That Have a Yellow Leash or Yellow Ribbon

    Don’t Approach Dogs That Have a Yellow Leash or Yellow Ribbon

    Don’t Approach Dogs That Have a Yellow Leash or Yellow Ribbon
    4:59 AM EDT, April 24, 2022, updated: 4:33 PM EDT, April 24, 2022

    Most of the dogs we meet in our lives are friendly and cheerful. They wiggle their tails, jump up on your lap and love to cuddle. It should be remembered, however, that dogs, like people, are different. It also happens that their character may surprise a stranger. Owners of such animals have come up with an initiative, the symbol of which became a yellow bow.

    If You See a Dog With a Yellow Bow on the Street, Walk Away as Quickly as Possible

    A yellow bow or ribbon should be a warning signal for us. It is a non-verbal signal from the dog's owner that the dog's behavior may surprise us. It tells us not to accost the dog. Such a dog should not be stroked or hounded, because it may end badly.

    Such a pet may be fearful, aggressive towards strangers, have a difficult past or be undergoing training. If he is a stranger and we do not know his owner, it is better to leave him as soon as possible. It is not right to create unnecessary stress for the dog. Many of them may have been harmed by humans in the past. Sometimes a small association with the past can cause them fear or anger.

    Yellow Ribbon Initiative Was Founded in 2012

    "Yellow Dog" is a social movement that wants to emphasize that dogs also need their own space. It should not be violated, especially when the pet is facing difficulties. The idea of tying a ribbon proved to be simple and extremely effective. The initiative began to spread and can now be seen in many countries around the world.

    It is extremely important to pass on the meaning of this symbol to avoid unpleasant situations. In addition, such a ribbon is a support for dog owners. Just attach it to the dog's collar to avoid further questions from strangers.

    Yellow Leash Is Also a Symbol

    For practical reasons, some people use yellow leashes. They are more durable and do not bother the dogs. Their meaning is the same as that of a ribbon. Do not approach or your dog may react badly!

    Some Owners Print a Message on the Leashes.

    In the picture, we can see a dog with a leash signed "nervous". This is an extremely ingenious and helpful solution!

    A Dog With a Yellow Ribbon Is Being Worked On - Working On Himself

    The creators of the initiative emphasize that it is not enough to put a ribbon on the collar. If we know that our dog is struggling we should work to improve his condition. Traumas from the past can be healed, but it requires sacrifice from the owner.

    Band Can Save a Dog’s Life!

    Most aggressive dog behavior is caused by fear. Imagine a situation where a dog bit a child who approached him too violently. He would then be threatened with euthanasia. The Yellow Dog Project protects both dogs and the public.

    Did you know this initiative about the yellow dog leash ?

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