Woven Vaneer Lamp

Turn ordinary scraps of wood into an extraordinary lamp.
Lighting holds a very deep relationship with home & décor and has always been on the front when it comes to design and interior. You can add just the right spark to boring outdated spaces with the appropriate use of it. It also aids in enhancing the room space if used wisely!

Keeping that in mind, we bring you yet another striking project - bold enough to crave for - the Woven Vaneer Lamp! Nobody would ever believe this trendy designer-made looking piece is made out of just a few stripes of wood, glue and a light bulb. Stunning enough to be the show stopper of your lounge or sun room, or even the dining hall, the Woven Vaneer Lamp is undoubtedly the one that can't be missed out. Very innovative, just like our Concrete Pendant Lamp and the flashy Mason Jars Pendant Lamp!

You really don't have to be skilled to try this one out, just look for all the stuff in your storeroom and start now! You'll be amazed to see the result. Don't forget to be a little creative by painting it or spraying or maybe adding some texture. Do share your joyful ride with us so that other handimaniacs can get new ideas.

You can see the step by step tutorial to creating this beautiful piece of art here: Woven Vaneer Lamp by poppytalk.com

Woven Vaneer Lamp

What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Pen

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Strips of wood veneer
  • White glue
  • Large clips (or clothes pins)
  • HEMMA ikea light
  • Small piece of cardstock

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