Woven Chain Bracelet

Grab some embroidery floss and give a new life to your old bracelet!
You might remember Leather Wrap Bracelet, which brought some winter- wrapping associations. However, as there are already some signs of spring outside so I decided to start my spring clearing-up action. While my exhaustive journey into the depths of my closet, I found an old dusty jewellery box abandoned on the top shelf. To my surprise the box was full of neglected bangles that lost their shiny glamour. Obviously, I didn’t want to throw them away. I wanted to give them a new life.

I was motivated by Erica from Honestly WTF, who uses colorful embroidery floss to transform bangles into a variety of stylish Woven Chain Bracelet, which can match any outfit.

Think how many different possibilities an old basic bracelet can bring. Make minor adjustments and create a new colourful version of your old jewellery. We’re waiting for the results of your work below.

Check out the tutorial on Honestly WTF.


What you need:


  • Bobby pins
  • Scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Curb link bracelet
  • Embroidery thread



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