15 Workers Who Failed to Do a Simple Job. It Is Hard to Believe That Such Mistakes Can Be Made

In the 21st century renovation and redecoration should pose no problems at all. Still, some ‘experts’ display a great deal of inborn ‘talent’ and somehow manage to blow it all. Browse the gallery below and find out what talent we are talking about.

The situations illustrated below are all about upgrades that didn’t go well. To say the least.


#1 When shower cabins don’t grow up to our expectations. And to us.

#2 A track for swerve-masters

#3 When a yard makes a much bigger difference

#4 The handle versus the lock

#5 What a rebel!

#6 When you give a hand to the physically disadvantaged but it’s … too short

#7 Sober drivers and a drunk road

#8 Is the bench dancing?

#9 When the whole world turns upside down

#10 Advanced portrait-painting skills

#11 Beware of geometric patterns

#12 What a practical staircase!

#13 Somehow it all holds up, so what’s the fuss all about?

#14 The design, the precision…

#15 The cruel face of bus shelters

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