Wooden Nail Bottle Opener

Small block of hardwood and a nail is enough to make simple bottle opener! Find out how to make it!
How are you supposed to spend a weekend of brews and BBQ without the perfect bottle opener? In case you missed our last tutorial (we hope not), this simple wooden bottle opener will help you open a bottle like a pro!

This opener comes with a wood handle and a regular nail so that you can open a bottle with the nail head. But, before you get to work, you need to know about a few important details.

Remember, it matters what type of wood will you choose. If you want to keep your opener long unbroken the wood must be durable. Choose solid wood like oak, beech, hornbeam. Measure 12 cm/4” of block material. Before you start nailing remember that the nail need to stick 1cm/3/8” out of wood. Don’t forget about marking a place where you'll impact a nail. A few hammer blows and the opener is almost ready. Carefully bend the nail with pliers, if it’s necessary, just use a hammer once again. Now, everything is done :)

Don’t forget about safety. It is very important to wear safety glasses at all times.

Are you ready? All the tools in your hands Handimaniacs!

Hope you find this Wooden Nail Bottle Opener easy to make and will give us your first opinion about your new weekend treasure.

What you need:


  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Measure tape
  • Marker

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Small block of hardwood
  • Round head nail

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