Wire Box Organizer

Use this organizer to keep wires in order!
Living in a mess causes messy thoughts. That’s why I like when things find their own place in the house and no matter what you are sure to find them there. It really makes living easier. Yet, there are some things that have a tendency of getting out of control - cords!

Some time ago we learnt how to organize cords in a Shoe Box Charging Station, and now I’d like to introduce a cracking idea for snarl of wires that are not in use. I found a Wire Box Organizer on Upcycle That. It’s a perfect solution to innately messy wires; the method is an easy ride. OK, maybe the initial untangling session can be a bit mundane but later with the use of a few toilet rolls the puzzle is gone forever.

If you face the wire mess problem, don’t wait to use this idea, it will bring inevitable order. Leave a comment below to tell us how much time you spent untangling the wires ;)

Check out the tutorial on Upcycle That.

What you need:


  • Exacto knife

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Toilet paper roll


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