Wine Cork Keychain

Make a quick pendant for your important key.
Few weeks ago I lost my house keys. After I have changed my locks, I needed a new, creative but quick and easy to make pendant. As usual I decided to search the web. May I introduce you to Erlend and his Wine Cork Keychain? You will not be able to find a better idea for your key.

Erlend runs this awesome blog called "Morning Creativity", which is full of such splendid DIY's, so don't hesitate to visit his site! I bet you can find different corks and choose the one you think would fit your key the best. As soon as you complete it (which would be too fast), don't forget to take a picture and show it to other handimaniacs.

To read the full tutorial of Cork Key Pendant, click the link.


What you need:


  • Loop screw

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Chain ring
  • Wine cork

Wine Cork Keychain

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