Western Kids House

Build a wood house for your kiddo and create fun zone for them!
Backyard is an amazing place; it can be your little, magic place for enjoying the time. For example, You can feel unwind on the highest level on your Pallet Hanging Bed underneath a tree or relax on your Pallet Deck. You can make good use of your garden in any different way, but it happens to be rather boring for your kids. So what we can do to turn them on to spend more time close to nature and take some fresh air? Fantastic Western Kids’ house can help! Connection with nature and use of reclaimed or salvaged materials can inspire them to fire up kid’s imagination.

The first and most important advice? Mix your all house inspiration just like Jerry did. He took the elements of forts he liked and combined them into his own design. This project might be inspiring for your child and you as well. On the ‘Instructables’, you can download Jerrys’ jottings that can be useful during your building. Whatever your reason for building a Western Kids House, it must be strong and safe. So if you don’t have enough building skills, think twice before you start. Everything for your children safety.

Don’t let your kids’ love for little houses fade! Get inspired by this getaway and build your own. If you are a happy owner of a handbuilt house, don’t be shy and show it below.

Check out the full tutorial on the Instructables!

What you need:


  • Drill
  • Hammer

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Wood

To see the full list of Tools and Supplies check out the source post.


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