Water Balloon Flip Flops

Cut some balloons to make your ordinary flops, unique
Are you in a need of something which would brighten your day despite the weather conditions outside your windows? If it is so, the DIY Water Balloon Flip Flops made by crafty Laura and Angela from "About a Mom", are something you should not miss.

Me using my havaianas all year long - when it’s impossible outdoors then just as my slippers - can’t take my eyes off them. Wearing the shoes would help to feel the sunny energy just like that was in a case of the Dip-Dyed Sneakers, Manuela wrote here about some time ago. That’s a kind of the DIY project I like the most: simple, yet combining few advantages together: makes your outfit unique, could be a great reminiscence of the past summer, and last but not least is a perfect idea for entertaining my daughters during the long autumn afternoons. Simply imagine all the joy while making their own ones.

Your creativity and imagination are welcomed here, as always – the way you put the colours together would make each pair of the sandals one and only. Do not hesitate to show us your new colourful flip flops here.

Check out the detailed description of Water Balloon Flip Flops.


What you need:


  • No tools are needed for this craft

Supplies / ingredients:

  • 120 water balloons



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