Washing Machine Drum Firepit

Build an extraordinary fireplace upcycling a washing machine drum.
Do you still remember the Swings Around a Fire Pit we wrote about some time ago? Summer time is perfect for relaxing this way, either in your garden, or in the middle of the meadow.

This time we are going to show you the way to build a Washing Machine Drum Firepit which can be an substitute for a simple firepit made out of stones. This is a heavy duty work, but still fast and easy. Creative people from "House&Fig" prepared this comprehensive tutorial and shared all the pictures they took during the work. If you admire what they do, feel free to share it and follow their facebook profile.

Whatever you decide to use, recycled drum or the new one, it might be enormous fun to complete it before hot, summer evenings finish and will not return until next year.

We believe you like this project as much as we do, and soon we'll have your pictures in users gallery. Do try this at home, but be extremally careful while using sharp tools!

Check out the tutorial on House & Fig.

What you need:


  • Wire brush
  • Cut-off wheel
  • Flap-wheel sanding disc

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Recycled Washing Machine Drum
  • Angle grinder (optional)
  • Angle-stock(optional)
  • Black paint (optional)


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