Vintage Wire Hamper

Make this Wire Hamper to keep dirty laundry!
Bathroom is not a place where I spend much time but still I want it to look stylish and elegant. Our bathroom is quite cramped so we opted for Floating Shelves to make it look bigger. Our little dream is to have some extra space to put white and colourful laundry into separate baskets, as after opening the washing machine, we sometimes (in great surprise) find out that our white clothes aren't so white anymore thanks to a black sock accidentally lost in action ;)

I’m really fond of Vintage Wire Hamper posted on Apartment Therapy. Its classical look would perfectly match the simple style of our bathroom. The good thing is that I can exactly mould the size of the two hampers to fit in our bathroom.

How about you bathroom layout? Do you have enough place for separate laundry baskets? Share the bathroom ideas with us!

Check out the tutorial on Apartment Therapy.

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Wood circle
  • Galvanized steel wire fencing
  • Casters
  • Screws and washers
  • Wood stain or paint


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