Vintage Bottle Centerpiece

Use bottles and wire to decorate your table!
I’ve been asked to arrange a centerpiece for a budget wedding reception.My friend told me that she wanted something romantic and unique to keep her guests intrigued.

I came into looking for a decoration which will combine different styles and will sustain romantic mood of the special day. I was looking for an arrangement that evokes the picture of a garden, when I caught the sight of Vintage Bottle Centerpiece presented on Ruffled. Ashley, the author of the idea, uses different-sized bottles to create this gorgeous centerpiece. I like a distinct look of this arrangement which will definitely not detract attention from the wedding surroundings.

I’m excited about this project as instead of arranging bold blooms, I will cluster the bottles together. What is your opinion on displaying these vintage vessels? Have you got any other ideas how to arrange wedding table centerpiece? Share them with us on our fan page.

Follow a full tutorial of Vintage Bottle Centerpiece here.


What you need:


  • Wire cutters

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Vintage glass bottles in all sizes
  • Salt-shakers
  • One spool of 24 gage wire in gold or silver
  • Coral or Manzanita Branches
  • One Tall Vase
  • An Assortment of Flowers


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