Vertical Strawberry Tube Planter


[tool]An electric drill with a hole cutting bit that will cut a 5 – 7cm hole[/tool]
[tool]A 2 or 3mm drillbit for the watering pipe[/tool]
[tool]A knife[/tool]
[supply]A length of PVC downpipe 100mm or 150mm diameter. (The length will = the height of the unit)[/supply]
[supply]End cap for the downpipe[/supply]
[supply]A narrower diameter (15mm or thereabouts) length of downpipe for watering. Make it about 8 – 10cm longer than the downpipe. If you have a pressurised irrigation system, you can use a length of soak hose instead[/supply]
[supply]A cork[/supply]
[supply]Duct tape[/supply]
[supply]A length of geotextile (or hessian would do) for wrapping the watering pipe[/supply]
[supply]Twine for tying the fabric to the watering tube[/supply]
[supply]Good fertile soil (test it if you can – strawbs prefer it slightly acidic)[/supply]
[supply]1 litre or so of coarse gravel[/supply]
[supply]Strawberry plants (I used a mixture of different varieties)[/supply]
[supply]A few companion plants (nasturtiums or marigolds)[/supply]
[supply]Large tub or box (to stand unit in whilst filling)[/supply]
[supply]Fixing collar or ties[/supply]