Upcycled Plastic Containers

Use old plastic bottles to make these handy containers.
My household goes through lots of plastic containers. We do segregate them, but anyway the disastrous amounts of plastic we produce are worth upcycling.I have seen so many gorgeous ways of reusing plastic bottles. I’m sure you’re familiar with Green Head Planter or Plastic Bottle Pet Pot. Such projects are always low or no cost entertainment for your kids.

If you give your children an opportunity to upcycle materials, they will take on the challenge. For my little ones, I’ve found a crafty decorative project of Upcycled Plastic Bottle Containers on Craft Berrybush. Lucy, who ‘plants’ her blog to inspire, presents an impressive creation of plastic bottles turned into amazing stylish containers.

Don’t add to the landfill. Don't throw out plastic bottles, let your kids reuse them and create new storage containers. Show us the pics of your kids’ work on our fan page.

A description of how to make Upcycled Plastic Bottle Containers can be found here



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