‘Unshrink’ Your Clothes

Have you made a mistake and your trousers shrank in washing? Take a few easy steps to ‘unshrink’ them!
It was a painful moment in my life when I saw my favourite tracksuit trousers shrink to mini size. I know it can happen to anyone, I tossed all the clothes into the washing machine but I didn’t notice I set too high temperature. Some clothes survived but when I saw my ruined trousers I nearly cried.

I desperately started looking for some ‘‘Unshrink’ Your Clothes’ techniques and I came across Jillee of One Good Thing. Once her garment fell a victim of her mistake too so that’s why she presented quick-witted way to sort this problem out. You soak the item in water with a baby shampoo, then roll it in a towel and the thing which seems technically impossible becomes real.

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If you have ideas how to deal with bleeding clothes send us the hint.

A tutorial on ‘Unshrink’ Your Clothes is here.

What you need:


  • Towel

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Lukewarm water
  • Baby shampoo


Did your washing machine shrink your favorite trousers? Try this easy technique to save them!