Two Hacks for Clean Drilling

Use clever DIY tricks to avoid the mess while drilling!

Cleaning after some home reparations usually takes much more time than the repairing itself. To avoid the mess and the flying dust all around your place, try to use these two simple tricks. The first one helps you keep the cleanup while drilling in the wall, and the second while you’re making the hole in the ceiling. We tried them out, so both methods are tested and approved by Handimania team. We can say that they help us keep our clothes and eyes clean. Houseworks took less time than usual, and we didn’t spend precious time on cleaning almost at all!

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Useful Tips:
* Always be very careful while using a drill!
* While preparing the hole in your cup, first mark the space in the middle of the bottom of it.
* While doing it in the plastic cup, use a piece of wood under it and nail the hole with a hammer first.
* Adjust the size of your cup to the size of a drill.
* When you drill a bigger hole, use 2 or 3 sticky notes next to each other.

What you need:


  • Drill

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Memory stick
  • Paper or plastic cup

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