Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

Make an outstanding 3D wall flower craft out of carton rolls.
I'm wondering if toilet paper producers think about how valuable the inside carton rolls are. There are countless crafts using them on the web. Not such a long time ago I, personally looked at them and felt nothing. Now I can’t help storing them for future ideas I would like to complete. Most of them will be for kids, as those cute Toilet Paper Roll Race Cars, but there are few that I could make for myself or for my friends.

I am going to show you something really easy, and yet very effective. Toilet Paper Roll Flowers made by Tali from Imperfectly Perfect blog. She took an inspiration from and made her adult version which I loved at the first sight. The best about this pattern is the fact of its three-dimensional. Tali cut those rolls and arranged in a floral theme, but you can use your own creativity and make something totally different.

I consider this a perfect time killer for rainy, holidays with kids totally bored staying at home. They can change their walls into cool piece of D.I.Y. art and paint it afterwards, or do it before to create it 3D rainbow-shaped. Just a bunch of rolls, some clothespins, glue, and good fun guaranteed. Do try this at home and send us some pictures to [email protected]

For a full tutorial of Toilet Paper Roll Flowers go here.

What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • Tacky glue
  • Clothespins

Supplies / ingredients:

  • TP rolls (as many as you manage to get)
  • Spray or any other paint

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Collage 03

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