Tiny Bow – All steps

Use ordinary fork to make this unique and cute, decorative bow!
I am a girl, and sometimes I am really into girls stuff. When I need to wrap or decorate a gift, I often struggle to finish it the way it looks simple but effective at the same time. Until now, my favorite toppers were Tissue Paper Mini Pom Poms. As I was fed up with all those motley bags and ugly, plastic poms you can find anywhere, I started looking for another nice, handmade solution to my "deco-wrapo-trouble"

Tiny Bow made on a fork is simply awesome, not only because it is so small, but also for the variety of purposes it can be used for. Either it is a greeting card, or a gift or a cake topper. If you are crazy enough, stick it to your hair band to enamour every little girl you meet. Your imagination is the only limit here. Go to the nearest small-wares, buy all needed supplies (just few, colorful ribbons actually), and have fun creating tiny, small, big or bigger bows on your dinner fork. Don't forget to teach your children too!

Although it wasn't that easy with little Anya by my side (it took us almost 3 days to take pictures and make the video), I am glad that I have finally paved my way to preparing full tutorials for you. Hope you will like my work and my tips will help to gain the effect you wished for. Do try this at home!

I am waiting impatiently to read your comments and see some pictures of your versions of Tiny Bow!

TIP ONE: The width, the thickness and softness of your ribbon does matter! The best tiny bows are made of chiffon. They are common and easy to get at any small-wares.

TIP TWO: Take a close look at picture number 7 as this step is really crucial for your bow to be nicely shaped with all four ends downwards.

TIP THREE: It is better to shape your bow while it is still on the fork. As soon as you take it off, it is hard to put it back on the fork.

TIP FOUR: If you need a bigger size of a bow (you can see one on the last picture), feel free to make it, but remember: Use soft, thin fabric and bind it loose on the fork!

TIP FIVE: The ribbon you wrap your bow with, should always be narrower than the one you picked for your bow. (it simply looks much better).

If you try it and have some other suggestions how to make Tiny Bows even more perfect, share it on our facebook page! Thank you :)

What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Candle
  • Fork

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Chiffon ribbon (wide)
  • Satin ribbon (narrow)



First, take a fork – prongs should be facing upwards. Your ribbon has to be soft (it helps in forming the bow) and it shouldn’t be too wide, ‘cause it’s gonna be hard to tie it nicely.



Braid the ribbon alternately between the prongs.

Step 01


Now, repeat it four times.

Step 02 - A
Step 02 - B


Take another piece of ribbon and thread it under the braided one, between the middle prongs. Hold the braided ribbon to keep it on the fork.

Step 04 - A
Step 05 - B


Tie the second ribbon loosely. Direct the ends of the braided ribbon downwards.

Step 06 - A
Step 07 - B


Tie the ribbon tightly with all end directed downwards.

Step 08 - A
Step 09 - B


It’s time to take the bow off the fork and cut the ends diagonally.

Step 10
Step 11


Now, burn the ends a little bit (to prevent them from fraying) and form the bow for the best effect.

Step 12


Woo hoo! Your bow is ready!

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