Woman Built Stunning Shipping Container Home – The Interior Looks Beautiful!

Claudie Dubreuil works for a Canadian construction company, which is why she knew all the details about her dream home and how it would be made of. Day by day, she implemented her plan in small steps. The material that she used to create the house is unconventional and it’s really hard to find something similar on the streets. In a moment you will find that literally Something can arise from Nothing! We are fascinated by this idea.

The dream project has long been in the mind of a woman. She knew exactly what her house was supposed to look like.

One day, as she walked along the port of Montreal, used containers caught her eye. They inspired her.

She bought 4 old rusty containers.

Everything has been impregnated and special preparations have been applied on it.

The containers are lined with pine from the outside. This wood is ideal for capricious weather in Canada. Only six weeks later the facade was completed.

What’s inside is simply breathtaking . Natural light comes in through the huge windows creating an amazing atmosphere.

The original form of the containers has been preserved, which adds a modern character. There is no place for boredom!

A shade of red wine looks phenomenal!

A spiral staircase leads to the first floor. There is enough space for the bathroom and the kitchen.

And the kitchen looks really impressive and nothing is missing.

Professional gas stove, huge fridge, stainless steel and hood. Full set!

The bedroom is connected to the bathroom. Claudie has always dreamed of it.

The bathtub is the most important element in this room. And opposite there are huge windows that open onto the terrace with a shower.

There is also a tiny guest toilet. Perfect use of space. We are delighted!

This house is one of a kind!

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