Tee-Braided Rug

Create a fantastic rug from your worn out tees!
Do you have a wardrobe full of worn-out tees that you no longer use? I do! And I was thrilled to see this smart creation – The Colorful Tee-Braided Rug!

All you need to do is take out all those tees you no longer wear, cut long stripes and start braiding! It may take long for you to make it since there is so much braiding to do, but I promise once you’re done, it’s going to look fantastic! Better than those fancy rugs you see at the interior decor shops and the best part – at zero cost! Same goes for our striking Hula Hoop T-Shirt Rug and the Crochet Rag Rug I bet your visitors are going to love these extraordinary pieces!

It would look amazing as a center piece in your lobby, or right in front of your couch. You can play with colors and braid tee stripes that complement your home interior. But don’t forget to share how your Tee Braided Rug turned out here.

To read the full guide to making this colorful Tee-Braided Rug click here!

Tee-Braided Rug Collage

What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Sewing machine (optional)

Supplies / ingredients:

  • 5-10 old t-shirts

Tee-Braided Rug

0 thoughts on “Tee-Braided Rug

  1. Kate says:

    Hi, Wondering how you join the braids together? Are they just secured in place with hand stitching or do you use a special backing material? Would love to try this project for our home.
    In Thanks,

  2. Karina Haczek says:

    as far as I know the braids are coiled at first and then hand-stitched :) If you want to know more detailed instruction click the link to original tutorial on Instructables (you can find it at the end of our post) greets

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