Tea Lights Heater

Use a flower pots and candles to make homemade source of heat.
Everything to warm you up is good on a cold day right now. Some of you will opt for warm scarf like 30 Minute Infinity Scarf, and some will stay under the blanket all day. You might feel frustrated over it a bit but don’t you worry; I've got a clever alternative of all scarfs and blankets.

One of the contributes on the ‘Instructables’ shows in a few easy steps a brilliant method of making simple room heater. You can make it using a small roasting tray and two clay flower pots, tea lights and a scrap of aluminium foil. This design looks a little bit strange, but what is important it works!

Try this out, maybe you can make any modifications to improve it. If you take the challenge let me know in comments below!

Check out the full tutorial on the Instructables!

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Tea lights
  • Pot
  • Roasting tray

To see the full list of Tools and Supplies check out the source post.


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