Tardis Bookshelf

Use a few piece of plywood and a blue paint to build the extraordinary bookshelf in a 'Doctor Who' style!
I'm pretty resourceful guy, and I’m not scared of handiwork and DIY projects. But sometimes some of them are out of my reach. The project I want to show you has blown me away. You will see why.

When I saw a Bookshelf on Instructables for the first time, I couldn’t stop smiling at the ingenuity behind the product. As you can see this crazy contributes created a marvelous Tardis Bookshelf with sound and lights. What could be better? But, you will need some professional tools, skills and time to build this. The thing I liked the most about the idea is that you can give free rein and make something extraordinary. I’m sure it’ll perfectly enrich the emptiness of the wall in any interior.

What’s your opinion of the idea? Are you eager to use this Tardis Bookshelf project at home?

Check out the full tutorial on the Instructables!

What you need:


  • Drill
  • Level
  • Hammer

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Sheets of plywood
  • Pieces of lumber
  • Spray paint

To see the full list of Tools and Supplies check out the source post.


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