T-Shirt Dog Toy

Create this cheap and fun toy for your pooch!
I truly believe in endless potential of upcycled fabric. We’ve already showed you how to make jewellery, rugs and baskets from old t-shirts. We also presented how to transform them into fancy summer clothes.

This time I’ve got a fetchy ;) upcycling idea for your dogs. I know many of them, who can eat a toy in a day, and this can be too much for a household budget. Stacie from Bark Post comes to help with her T-shirt Dog Toy, that is easy to make, upcycled and fights pooch boredom.

Let us know how much fun did your doggy have with this throw toy! Do you know any other upcycling toy ideas for dogs?

Full tutorial of T-Shirt Dog Toy is here.

What you need:


  • Scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Two T-shirts


How many plush toys did your doggy shred lately? Why don’t you try this idea for a cheap and fun toy for your pupil!

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