Swirl Dyed T-shirt

Use simple dyeing technique to make your plain tee cooler.
I like the idea that clothes can gain their second life either it is by swapping them with friends, buying in second hand shops, or redecorating like this Flannel Shirt Dress. I usually cut the cotton ones or add some crochet appliques. I am also planning to sew baby clothes out of t-shirts or other bigger clothes, as soon as I take out the sewing machine. Although, one of my favorite techniques which allows me to change plain and boring clothes into new, is dyeing, especially t-shirts and baby cotton clothing.

There are so many dyeing products available on the market that you can do it in many different ways: spray, paint, bleach. While cleaning my wardrobe, I came across a couple of tees that were perfect for the project presented on lovetocreate.com. Swirl Dyed T-shirt is one of the easiest and yet the most effective. You will work with tie-dye products, one t-shirt, few rubber bands. After few hours, you will be able to go out in a handmade clothes that will be both, creative and trendy.

I am going to use it right away with my son's t-shirts, and make them sunny and funny. Also, Anya's bodysuits are going to be renewed with this awesome technique. Last but not least are our old, white curtains that need some refreshing with swirly flowers in the bottom part. I hope you'll have fun dyeing! Don't forget to show us the results of it afterwards! I also recommend this project to complete it with your teenage kids!

To read the full tutorial and see the video click the link for Swirl Dyed T-shirt.

Swirl Dyed T-shirt

What you need:


  • 2 or more colors of Tie-Dye

Supplies / ingredients:

  • White or any plain T-shirt
  • Few rubber bands
  • Plastic tablecloth to cover the surface
  • Gloves to protect your hands
  • Plastic bag to set the dye with

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