Sweatshirt Pet Bed

Make a cosy and soft sleeping spot for your pet.
Not such a long time ago I wrote about the Old T-shirt Cat Tent. You showed us on facebook that you loved it very much. There are some pets, though, which don’t like tents that much as they prefer to see everything and to be on display too. For this reason, I’ve been trying to find something cool and creative for all those pets that like to show off a bit.

Sweatshirt Pet Bed from casa.com.br will be the perfect project both for your crafty hands and your sweet and funny pet. You’ll have a chance to make something really nice with just a couple of tools and your pet will finally have its own, special place. For the site is in Portuguese, I translated all steps for you, in the same time I know, you’ll handle it even without my help.

I hope you like it at least as much as you liked the Cat Tent, but here you need a little sewing skills. It shouldn’t scare you off though because it involves just basic stitch that will be hidden underneath the main part of the bed. I know it is lazy Sunday, but Whatever you’d like to start tomorrow, start it today!

Have a great fun, make your pet the happiest one, and show us the pictures afterwards.

What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Thread and some yarn
  • Thick sewnig needle
  • Meter
  • Pins (optional chalk and ruler)

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Used hoodie
  • Acrylic blanket or pieces of cloth
  • Cushion filling or a pillow(45cmx45cm)
  • A flap ( for closing the sleeves)

Prepare all tools and supplies on the floor or table.

Sweatshirt Pet Bed 01


Turn your sweatshirt inside out. Gather the edges of the collar and sew them with a thread or use a sewing machine if you want it faster. Leave a small piece open.

Sweatshirt Pet Bed 02


Stretch the hoodie with pins and mark a straight line from one armpit to the other. If you prefer, use a ruler and chalk to mark on the fabric. Sew, joining the front and back of the grid, following the path. Remove the pins.

Sweatshirt Pet Bed 03


Put the sleeves along the body of the sweatshirt and pin to the sides (as shown on the picture). Leave the cuffs without sewing them.

Sweatshirt Pet Bed 04


Insert acrylic blanket, foam or even chopped leftover fabrics through the cuffs to form the edges of the bed.

Sweatshirt Pet Bed 05


Fill the belly of the blouse with cushion stuffing or a pillow.

Sweatshirt Pet Bed 06


Join the cuffs sewing them together, you can also use the sewing machine if you like.

Sweatshirt Pet Bed 07


Take one piece of other fabric and put it around the cuffs so that it would cover the sewed part. Sew it with a regular stitch and turn it inwards.

Sweatshirt Pet Bed 08


Sweatshirt Pet Bed 09

Sweatshirt Pet Bed 10

Now call your dog to enjoy his new, cosy bed

Sweatshirt Pet Bed

13 thoughts on “Sweatshirt Pet Bed

  1. careli tutolibre says:

    good idea for little dogs or cats
    thank you
    i’ll pute the link in my blog (the 05/28)

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is beyond awesome! I plan to make a bunch of these and donate them to shelters and animal hospitals. Thanks for the excellent tutorial! =)

  3. Mary M. says:

    The idea is great but the tutorial needs a lot of work. There are many missing steps – for example, when did you turn the hoodie right side out again? And you say to PIN the sleeves to the hoodie, but the illustration shows you actually sewing them. Very confusing.

  4. Gaba Banas says:

    It depends on your dog size…if you have a really big dog, use the biggest sweatshirt you can find. If you have small one, do the opposite :)

  5. Lisa DeLay says:

    I just finished making the dog bed. It was so so easy. Now my little Shih Tzu won’t have to fight her bed looking for more room! Thank you for the tutorial. It was right on point!!

  6. Jessie says:

    This looks really cool, but it’s impossible to read on a phone. So many pop-ups that get stuck, and the information jumps all over the place. I gave up even trying to read it.

  7. Susan says:

    Why did I leave an opening in the neck? If this is a hoodie, what do I do with the hood? Is the body sewn from armpit to armpit on the right or wrong side of the sweatshirt? Do I stuff the top of the sweatshirt also? Anyone who made this, can’t you clarify? Thank you, I need to make 5 of these!

  8. Imelda says:

    I love this, only I am going to update to a flea repellent bed. Will purchase some cedar chips/mulch and make my own pillow form using a pillow case, then place it inside the sweatshirt. Also, will make it removable so can wash it. thanks for this excellent idea!!

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