Sushi Mat Makeup Brushes Organizer

Organize your makeup tools using simple sushi mat and a piece of elastic.
Dust, I truly hate it, especially on my clothes, dishes and makeup tools. I believe I am not the only one here. I like my stuff to be clean, and although I can’t get rid of dust entirely, I would like to tame it a bit at least. I have some friends who claim makeup stuff are clean as you usually use them on your face washed, but I doubt it. Up till now I’ve kept all my brushes in an open cup and simply wash them every few days.

To be honest, I don’t understand how it is that I haven’t thought about such a simple solution before. Since I am a real veggie sushi fan, I should have come up with this idea and sell it ;) Well, Irina from Irinas Cute Box blog, has been way ahead with it, and decided to show us step by step guide to this amazing and yet so simple Sushi Mat Makeup Brushes Organizer.

Just a simple elastic, few stitches, a sushi mat, and now you will be able to say your face stays clean while applying your makeup. I can see a great gadget for professional makeup artist too, or a perfect gift for a friend. Not only it is useful but also handy. Finally, you will not have to rummage in your huge handbag for an eyeliner or Kajal. I would use another shorter elastic for another grip to keep an eye shadow or powder.

Click the link for Irinas full guide of Sushi Mat Makeup Brushes Organizer.

What you need:


  • Needle and thread

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Elastic

sushi mat makeup brushes organizer001

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