Survival Kit

Create a small purse using potholder and a button!
I've got a puzzle for you today. Name three things which are sure to be found in your woman’s handbag;) Ok, it wasn't too difficult, I guess you've come up with a list consisting of at least 10 things. The puzzle was a piece of cake, and what’s not? I’ll tell you….Keeping small stuff in order inside the bag.

That’s why I’m delighted with the solution I've found on ‘Tidy Mom’. Three sisters Jennifer, Jamie and Jodie of 'Eighteen25' posted their masterly idea to make a Survival Kit. The project is quite surprising as they used a square potholder to sew this cute ‘purse’. The size of it is ideal for keeping mints, floss, hair elastics, feminine products, nail file or tweezers. It’s very aesthetic product and together with Tiny Coin Purse, it can help ordering the mess in the bag.

How about you girls? Is your handbag messy? If the answer is positive, feel inspired by the solutions given above. You can always send us other ideas!

Check out the tutorial on Tidy Mom!

What you need:


  • Sewing machine

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Square potholder
  • Button
  • Ribbon
  • Zip lock baggies

To see the full list of Tools and Supplies check out the source post.

survival kit 03

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