Sunburn Healing Pads

Use this simple method to get rid of a sunburnt!
The summertime is almost over. The autumn has come relatively soon this year. Is it the result of the global warming? Yet, there’s still time for a last minute summer hint for those of you who are still heading for some tropical vacation.

I wish I had found this Instructables post before our Knitting Meeting but to some of you the way of Getting Rid Of A Sunburn may occur still useful. It turns out that black tea is the solution for redness and pain caused by the sun.

As the author of the post says this effortless method brings almost immediate results. So you should give it a try. Let us know if it worked properly.

Check out the tutorial on Instructables.

What you need:


  • Bathtub
  • Pitcher
  • Rag

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Water
  • Black tea


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