Succulent In A Jar

Plant this cute succulent and make your home evergreen.
Nowadays beauty is associated with something fragile and impermanent. According to ancient wisdom Udumbara flower blooms only once every three thousand years. Do we really have so much time?

I tried all sorts of plants: orquideas, rubber plants, etc. They all went down the drain. Were they too difficult to keep or was I too busy to remember to water them when they needed it? I guess both.

Anyway, I still wanted to let some nature into my flat. That is why a Succulent In A Jar idea caught my eye and occurred particularly appealing! I am impressed how Elisa from “McLaughlin Designs Blog” used her skills to arrange these small plantlets in tight jars .

In my mind's eye, I can see succulent gardens that can make green accent during cold winter days. However first you need to start with at least one, so roll up your sleeves and show us your window sills full of succulents on our fan page.

Follow a detailed tutorial for Succulent In A Jar on “McLaughlin Designs Blog”


What you need:


  • Two hands ;)

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Succulent
  • Jar
  • Soil



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