Stud T-shirt

Fashion “do it yourself” projects are my favorite, I must admit. I love all kinds of fabrics, yarns and ornaments that can be done with a little of effort but great effect. T-shirt makeovers are really popular nowadays, and I am under a big influence of it. Whenever I see a nice t-shirt, I would redesign it straight away, or at least cut it to make a quality yarn. This time I won’t be cutting for pieces just adding few studs here and there.

Browsing after an inspiration I found this awesome project on Wobisobi blog. As I wanted to have a new, creative t-shirt quick and easy it was perfect for me. With just a couple of easy to get gadgets and tools like scissors and studs, you are able to create totally remarkable piece of clothes. I hope for more sunshine here in Poland soon so that I could show of with my new Stud T-shirt a bit. Having finished yours don’t be shy to share it with other Handimaniacs ;)

Stud T-shirt

What you need:

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