Storybook Paper Roses

Make a bunch of these paper flowers!
I believe best presents come in small packages and when the package and the present are handmade, the value of the gift rises even more. Sometimes when I want to prepare not a very personal gift I choose something like Giant Paper Flowers. I gave one of those to my friend last week and she was speechless.

Now when the school year is coming to the end, I’ve encourage my son to make a bunch paper flowers for his favourite teacher. We’ve found Storybook Paper Roses which were posted on a family blog 100 Layer Cake. Instead of destroying a book we opted for old newspapers to make the petals. I’m sure the teacher will appreciate the my son’s effort.

When looking for some other more durable DIY flower ideas check Duct Tape Rose. Remember that you can always share your design below.

To see the tutorial on Storybook Paper Roses follow the link.


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