Sticky Note Butterfly

Grab some memo note and personalize your working space!
Some time ago the co-workers wanted to spruce up the sterile space around them. They installed 8-bit superhero mural using 8,024 sticky notes in the office space! One picture of this superhero inspired us to show you something similar but on a smaller scale.

This trend is not confined to the office now; even people post the fun stuff on the windows of their house. What is the moral? Never underestimate the power of simple office supplies!

On our new video, we would like to show you how to transform one of the sticky note into a small butterfly. Let’s start!

* First, fold a sticky note twice to get a smaller square.

* Then, turn your paper upside down and fold it into a triangle.

* Fold a part of the note to make a big triangle. Then fold it once again. Cut rounded shape (it will be a butterfly wings).

* Open your triangle and fold two pieces up. Pull one part of sticky note up to make a head. Curve your paper to make a final butterfly shape.

You can consider this butterfly to be an ideal gift decoration. Sticky Notes come in many vibrant colors and can make your boring wrapping paper so funny at one time.

Put those post-its to good use. Make little butterfly and stick it to your friends desk!

What more can you do with the sticky office items? Show us in comments below or post some pictures on our Facebook fan page.

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