Star Wars Snowflakes

Cut some paper to create these Star Wars ornaments.
Each Handimaniac knows how to make paper snowflakes, we showed you detailed tutorial two years ago, but the kind you learned to cut and fold it can get a little bit boring. That’s why to motivate all DIY, winter and Star Wars fans, we’ve prepared something new! Let us introduce you to paper Star Wars Snowflakes.

The Idea comes from graphic designer Anthony Herrera. Inspired by some concepts he saw on the blog Matters of Grey. Herrera started designing his own snowflakes a few years ago and just released his 2015 collection, which include Rey, Poe Dameron, First Order Stormtrooper, and – naturally – BB-8. We worked on this DIY snowflakes project to give you our upgrade. ;)

So grab yourself an x-acto knife, a couple of new sharp blades and just have some fun with these. Remember, the details can be tricky that’s why follow our tips.

* First, before you start cutting a shape of your favorite Star Wars characters, fold the paper as we did. We tested all the possibilities and believe us, this is the best!

*Be very deliberate when cutting out the shape; going slowly with the x-acto knife in inner details and use scissor with some bigger corners. Be sure you round out every corner in order to create a clean template.

*You don’t need to try to cut through all layers at once, you can cut individually each shape. However, for the long straight edge, cut it at once for accuracy.

*It is hard to cut all inner details, that's why reversed the pattern and cut it at the back of the paper to make everything easier.

If you like Star Wars stuff, you might enjoy Star Wars Darth Vader Quilt as well.

Let us know how you liked this idea on our fan page :) Stay tuned for more winter-related projects!

What you need:


  • X-acto knife
  • Scissor

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Paper


Yoda template

BB-8 template


Darth Vader template

C-3PO template


TIE fighter template

Princess Leia template


Boba Fett template

Stormtrooper template


Slave Leia template

Tie Interceptor template


Tie Fighter Attack template

Captain Rex template

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