Square Pillow Gift Box

Handmade gift box that will make your present look special!
Wrapping gifts yourself is half the fun of giving them. If this claim doesn’t convince you, there’s another, more down to earth, reason to prepare DIY wrapping - it’s so much cheaper than the bought one. Let the shops keep their pricey boxes and make one yourself just as we did! All you need is an old CD, triangle, scissors, sheet of thick paper, a pencil and a piece of soft fabric. Oh, I forgot about empty pen for scoring, but this doesn’t seem to be a scarce tool, huh? Add some fancy ribbon and you’ll have a perfect box for tiny presents, like jewelry :) If you’re in need of more wrapping ideas, go here. We eagerly wait for your opinions about our tutorial and the Square Pillow Gift Box:) Was it fun to make it? Is there something we could improve in our tutorial? Leave a note on our fan page!

What you need:


  • pencil
  • scissors
  • empty pen
  • CD
  • eraser
  • felt or any thick and soft fabric
  • triangle

Supplies / ingredients:

  • thick paper
  • ribbon or colored string
  • pom-pom (optional)
Got all supplies and tools? Let’s start! First, take a sheet of paper and place it horizontally on a table. The side of paper facing you will be inside the box. Then, put a CD in the left top corner of your paper. Leave a distance from edges. square-pillow-gift-box02
Take a sharp pencil and mark center of your CD on the paper. square-pillow-gift-box03
Now, using a triangle, draw rectangular lines going through previously marked point. The triangle has to be placed along the edge of the paper. The lines should be longer than diameter of the CD. square-pillow-gift-box04 square-pillow-gift-box05 square-pillow-gift-box06
Place the CD back on the paper (with marked point in the center of a hole) and draw a circle with a sharpened pencil. square-pillow-gift-box07
Again, using a CD, draw half circles based on the points where circle and lines intersect. These shapes will form the sides of your gift box. square-pillow-gift-box08
In the last quarter, draw a full circle using the bottom and the right points of intersection between the previous circle and rectangular lines. square-pillow-gift-box09
Using a triangle, draw rectangular lines inside second circle. In this case, lines are based on the points where two circles intersect. square-pillow-gift-box10 square-pillow-gift-box11
It’s time for drawing half circles in all quarters of the bottom circle :) square-pillow-gift-box12
Scissors time! To make the cutting part more comfortable, leave some margin around. square-pillow-gift-box13
Now, cut out the whole shape. Try to be as precise as you can. square-pillow-gift-box14
Take an empty pen and score every curved line using a CD. Place a piece of felt under the cut-out shape – it will help you in scoring the lines. square-pillow-gift-box15
You’re almost done! You just need to fold every single side shape of the box. square-pillow-gift-box17 square-pillow-gift-box18
…and form a shape of the box :) square-pillow-gift-box19 square-pillow-gift-box20
Add a ribbon or decorative, colored string… square-pillow-gift-box21
…and a pom-pom :) (if you want to know how to make it go here) square-pillow-gift-box22
Et voilà! Your fancy Square Pillow Gift Box is ready to be given to someone special :) square-pillow-gift-box23 square-pillow-gift-box24 square-pillow-gift-box25

0 thoughts on “Square Pillow Gift Box

  1. Anonymous says:

    This a brilliant tutorial. Thanks for sharing but what kind of papers sis you make the boxes out of?

  2. Karina Haczek says:

    Thanks for your feedback :) We bought the paper in Tchibo shop – it was decorated scrapbooking cardstock :)

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