Sock Bunny – No Sew

Upcycle your socks to create this cute, spring home decoration.

We must admit that after the huge popularity of our Sock Snowman tutorial, it was a real pleasure to start shooting this step by step bunny video for you . Although, at first we thought it will be just another home decoration, soon we realized they’re too cute to simply not fall in love with them and make the whole, bunny family.

As the idea appears not so complicated, there are some tips that can help you create the perfectly shaped bunny.

  • use small sock, with welt.
  • pour such amount of rice so that you are able to form the head and face out of the heel.
  • It is easier to shape the tail before you tie the neck.
  • tie the ears at the back of the head.
  • If your bunny is black or other dark colour, use light colour embroidery floss to make eyes and nose
  • If you want the colour to be nicer, use both socks (put one inside the other one, cutting off it’s welt before)
  • Whereas rice is a great moisture absorbent and can be used in your car to prevent windows from steaming, you may also use grit or sand instead.

  • What you need:


    • Scissors

    Supplies / ingredients:

    • Sock
    • Rice or grit
    • Twine
    • Ribbon
    • Marker
    • Tape (optional)

    The Sock Bunny that we created for you is minimal and pretty quick to finish, but you may use your imagination and creativity as well to add some more character to yours!

    As soon as you finish making your Sock Bunny, or maybe even the whole bunch of them, don’t hesitate to show off a bit. Use #handimania on Instagram or put some pictures to our Handimaniacs group on facebook.

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