Snowflake Ballerinas

Cut out some holes in the paper to make this delicate winter decoration!
In my pre-Christmas search for ideas and inspirations I was completely stuck in a topic concerning crochet and Paper Snowflakes. I wondered how it was possible that every snowflake has a different shape and structure until I realized that it was so difficult to make two identical. Some inspirations come from my head; others appear in the most unexpected moments while poking around the office and coming across old projects such as Paper Ballerinas.

I know I haven’t used all the possible varieties of snowflake shapes, but I thought it would be nice to combine something as delicate as the paper dancer with snowflakes. I found a neat tutorial on making Snowflake Ballerinas on ‘Krokotak’. Making these ballerinas is kids’ stuff, you only need some paper and scissors. The outcome is astonishing!

The ballerinas are ideal for classroom decoration so you can use the project with kids and let them ornament their surroundings in school. If you want to share other winter projects with us don’t wait to do it!

Check out the tutorial on Krokotak!

What you need:


Supplies / ingredients:

To see the full list of Tools and Supplies check out the source post.


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