Slat Screen

You don’t know how to survive summer heat. Build this Slat Screen!
Some people like having sunny balconies and porches, others tend to hide in the shade to avoid sunshine. Our balcony is very sunny and sometimes summer days are unbearable. The living room gets as hot as hell with sun beating straight into it. We use beach umbrella but it's still not enough to give a cool down.

I think this year we'll try to make a Slat Screen which was presented on Brick House. I really like the idea as it doesn't cover the whole view and it lets some sunrays in. The construction seems quite easy and it looks stylish. No Sew Roman Shades turned out to be a bomb. How about trying these sun blockers?

If you can recommend other screen solutions leave a comment below.

A tutorial on Slat Screen can be found here.




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