Simple Tree House

Build this simple platform and give your kids best childhood memories!
Old walnut tree that grows in the middle of my backyard brought back the idea of building a tree house. I’ve never had a real one - we used to build wooden forts from scrap wood and branches with my childhood friends, but a roofed platform, high in the sky, with a rope ladder, remained only an unfulfilled wish.

I’m not sure if I’m able to make my childhood dream come true, but this Simple Tree House looks so easy to make that I actually want to give it a go. In his comprehensive tutorial, Maxwell, the founder of Apartment Therapy, describes in details the whole procedure of building this lovely platform. It can be used as a base for further additions like roofing or railing, but you can also leave it simple as it is.

If you’re into tree houses, take a look at a Treehouse to Live In, but in case you needed less challenging project ;) try to build Bench Around the Tree, that can make a comfy and easily accessible sitting spot for upcoming spring evenings.

No matter which of these ideas will win your heart, drop us a line and tell us how it goes with your tree projects - we’re waiting to hear from you on our fan page.

Follow the link to find a bit by bit tutorial of the Simple Tree House.



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