Simple Lampshade

Give your home a serene ambiance with the sweet and simple Lampshade.
While doing the interior of my home, I always lose count of my money. There are so many adorable items available in the market that it’s almost impossible to hold back the urge buy – at least for me. Let’s get crafty with Handimania and save the cash for bigger things!

Starting off with lighting, did it ever occur that lampshades can be so easy to make? All you require is cardboard, printed paper, some wooden sticks and a bottle to make this charming Lampshade. I love the way they have used the bottle neck to fit a light bulb. Smart idea! If you choose the right paper, you can give a distinctive look to each of your rooms. Gift wrapping papers can work very well as they come in a variety if designs and material.

With steady hands and neat detail, you can finish it off with such a professional way that no one would ever believe that it’s done by you! Lamps give off such a nice ambiance that literally turns on your mood! If you like this, you would simply love our Plastic Spoon Lamp and the gorgeous Woven Vaneer Lamp! So fill your home with handmade lamps and share your creations below.

Check the tutorial on Ohoh Blog.

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Thin Cardboard
  • Printed Paper
  • Wood Sticks
  • Pins
  • Plastic bottle
  • Thread
  • Glue
  • Light Bulb

Simple Lampshade

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