Secret Door Bookcase

Do you need a hideout? Check out this Secret Door Bookcase!
Our childhood dreams may sometimes sound funny or infantil. Some of them come true some fade away with years. We tend to change our priorities so the dreams change too. Yet some of them stay with us all our lives.

When I saw Secret Door Bookcase presented on Instructables I thought ‘Oh my God someone has realized the dream of my childhood!’ It is the one I visualised so many times. Ever since I watched a movie (I don't remember the title) with this kind of hideout, I’ve always wanted to have my own place to hole up.

I cherish this dream but the truth is we don’t have enough space for building this hummer. In the meantime I finished my other project Corner Door-Shelf to console myself.

Do you have your own hideouts? Would you like to build this one? Leave a comment below to let us know.

Full tutorial of Secret Door Bookcase with a list of tools and supplies is available here.





0 thoughts on “Secret Door Bookcase

  1. Karina Haczek says:

    in this particular case it’s not a secret anymore ;) but no one needs to know where you’re gonna use it at your place :)

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