Sea Glass Bowl

Glue sea glass pieces together to get this beautiful bowl!
I’ve heard of people who collect stones from different sites, others take a handful of sand from the beach they visit but I’ve never thought there are people who collect sea glass. They comb the beach in search for colourful pieces and what they get may bring a stunning collection of treasures used to make jewellery or…

A Sea Glass Bowl which Debi posted on her Design Diary. Inspired by other similar bowls made out of buttons, glitter and vintage lace using a similar technique, she managed to glue together tiny colourful glass pieces. The glue changed the frosted appearance of the sea glass to clear but the bowl looks outstanding anyway.

I am a great enthusiast of weaving so Fabric Coil Bowl and String Bowl were sheer fun for me but now it’s time for a new glassy enterprise. Are you eager to join me? Drop me a line if you like the idea.

Check out the tutorial on Debi’s Design Diary.

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Small pieces of sea glass
  • Glue


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