Scented Fizzy Paints

Let your kids create pictures with a bumpy texture!
Painting is fun! I feel free when I take a blank piece of paper and nothing limits my imagination. Limitless possibilities are always stimulating for creativity that’s why I never give my kids colouring book where the black lines put a brake on careless hand movement. What I seek for my kids is sheer fun activities with a tang of science like Growing a Crystal Garden or creating Soap Clouds

This time I’d like to offer them Scented Fizzy Paints found on Blog Me Mom. Here is what happens when your kids mix two common kitchen chemicals with some water, paint and artistic talent. First of all, they get amazing scent and secondly, a bumpy texture pictures. I’m sure my kids will be occupied for hours.

If you know some other painting techniques suitable for kids, don’t wait to share them with other Handimaniacs.

Check out the tutorial on Blog Me Mom.

What you need:


  • Paint Brush Set

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Kool-Aid
  • Baking Soda
  • Watercolor Paper


Do your kids prefer indoor or outdoor activities?

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