Sandpaper Printed T-shirt

Help your kid to become a T-shirt designer!
When I was a kid we used to buy pictures of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck which were easily iron transferred to the T-shirts. Anyone who had a T-shirt with a colorful picture was the ‘boss’. I never imagined it was possible to transfer my own picture to the T-shirt. I guess nobody imagined at that times.

Fortunately, my kid has this opportunity. I’ve found an effortless way of making a Sandpaper Printed T-shirt on Alpha Mom. You let the kids draw their own designs on a piece of sandpaper and then with your help they transfer their picture to plain T-shirt. You’ll be surprised how proud they become when they can show off their own designs. The originality is guaranteed. If you want a unique design on your top as well, check out Painted Galaxy T-shirt

When you and your kids had fun with your designers’ work, share the results below.

Check out the tutorial on Alpha Mom.

What you need:


  • Iron

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Crayons
  • T-shirt
  • Sand paper
  • Parchment paper


Have you ever decorated your t-shirt? It’s a perfect solution for stains!

0 thoughts on “Sandpaper Printed T-shirt

  1. Mamajka says:

    hejka, dlaczego nie ma tu tłumaczenia na POLSKI? w sensie zer strone mozecie zrobic dwujezyczna… było by całkiem miło… fajnie ze jesteście;)

  2. Simon Raczka says:

    Możemy i to zrobimy, potrzebujemy jeszcze na to więcej czasu :) Dzięki za miły komentarz!

  3. Akeve Doff says:

    Hey, I visit the link and seen the kids designs for shirts and the designs are really superb. When I was a kid, I also really like to do printing, but that time I am getting this kind of opportunity, But I am happy now kids are showing their printing talent on here.


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