Sand Clay

Give your children a chance to create their sand fossils!
Last year we had a short stay at the seaside, we went to the beach famous for its sand castle competitions. We saw impressive multi-style structures, some of the castles only lacked princesses. My kids enjoyed every minute of sand fun. Unfortunately, this year we have no time for vacation, so they will have to settle for a nearby Sand Box.

The good thing is that our housing estate management cares about the sand and it is changed every two weeks. To give my kids the makeshift of last year’s activities I found the recipe for Sand Clay on Playing Fun Mums. The mixture of sand, cornstarch resembles a thick dough which allows to create gorgeous beach sandy fossils. We experimented with cookie cutters, moulds or just our hands to create extraordinary shapes.

Let your little ones use their imagination you will be amazed by what they can create. To preserve these works of art put them into the oven. Don’t forget to share the photos of them with us.

Check out the tutorial on Paging Fun Mums.

What you need:


  • Old medium saucepan
  • Oven

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Sand
  • Cornflour
  • Bi Carb Soda
  • Cups Water


Have you ever baked sand in your oven? ;)

2 thoughts on “Sand Clay

  1. Marta D says:

    Ja zrobiłam takie coś i odcisnęłam mojej córezki rączkę i stópkę :) wygląda genialnie pamiątka super :)

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