Rustic Wine Rack

Build an impressive wine rack out of wood and bolts.
I am a fan of DIY projects that involve working with wood! Not because I like carpentry – I leave the sawing and nailing part for the men – but because I love hints of classic wooden decor in my home interior. I could not resist showing you guys this beauty! The rustic wooden Wine Rack.

Rather than spending a whole lot of money on those cheesy ready-made one’s, why not try one home which is even more happening and gives your space a distinctive touch. It’s made entirely of wood and bolts and the simple design creates the bucolic aura of countryside bars. Whether you have a proper bar area or are planning for one, this stunning art-piece is surely a must try for you. Paint it up or let it be the old rustic one, hang it or place it, it is impressive anyway. It’s not only cheap but very easy to make too with Shanty 2 Chick’s detailed tutorial.

So now that you have all your wine bottles in this lovely wine rack, what to do with your wine crates? It’s simple – build the Wine Crate Coffee Table! We at Handimania have a utility for everything! Do share your experience with us! Happy D.I.Y. ing!

For detailed instructions of Rustic Wine Rack, click the link.

Rustic Wine Rack Collage

Rustic Wine Rack

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