Rubber Band Necklace & Bracelet

Make exceptional jewellery out of colorful rubber bands.
Sunday is a perfect day not only for family meet ups and leisure, but also for quick D.I.Y. projects. Everything that allows you to start your day crafty, as with this Swirl Dyed T-shirt, and spend it chilling with a piece of Rainbow Cheesecake, but also with satisfaction that you have created something. We are here to help you with different ideas for such activities.

As much as I love all kind of handmade jewellery, I 've never liked plastic or rubber stuff. This time, however, it is quite opposite. This Rubber Band Necklace and Bracelet made by truly crafty Madeleine from, grabbed my heart and won't let go.

I can't even count packages of colorful rubber bands I used to buy at Ikea each time I visited it. I did it only because of those amazing, vivid colors and the type of rubber that is a bit velvet like. Finally, I know how to turn them into something original and beautiful.

Madeleine guides you through the easy process of making this awesome set, and shows the effects of her work on nice photos too. Would you do it today? I am curious of your Rubber Band Necklace & Bracelet so, DO try this at home, and show it to the community of handimaniacs afterwards.

For detailed instructions, click the link: Rubber Band Necklace & Bracelet.

Rubber Band Necklace & Bracelet - Collage

What you need:


  • Pliers

Supplies / ingredients:

  • A selection of rubber bands
  • Jump rings

Rubber Band Necklace & Bracelet

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