River Stone Doormat

Create a new doormat out of black, smooth stones.
One of the most ignored home gadgets is certainly a doormat. For the first time, we have changed ours after few years of using it, and it's been completely damaged. While browsing the net, I came across many creative doormats, and was always wondering why people bother about it so much. Now, when I’ve found this awesome, River Stone Doormat, I understand what was all this fuss about.

“One Pretty Thing” is this place where this idea came from. They provide an easy tutorial with interesting links to additional ideas for such mats. I assume it won’t cost much and stay forever as it is strong and truly comfortable to clean with a shower. You can use it either as a doormat, or as a mat near the tub.

This is one of those projects that we are sure to use in our house, and I highly recommend it to you. As you, handimaniacs tend to be really quick with responding to our requests, I expect some photos below soon. The photo of the finished mat was taken from acacialifestyle.com, so feel free to visit them, if you couldn't bother to make it by yourself.

Check out the tutorial on One Pretty Thing.

What you need:


  • Gloves

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Flexible shelf liner
  • Rocks
  • Glue

River Stone Doormat

Do you like natural decor?

0 thoughts on “River Stone Doormat

  1. Gillian Whitman Coleman says:

    Could we just add the rocks to our existing doormat? It is in ok shape, just ugly.

  2. Karina Haczek says:

    you can try but we think it would be better if the layer beneath the rocks was thin :)

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