Reusable Bubbles

Make your bubbles last longer than a few seconds!
Bubbles seem so ephemeral and delicate, they come to life for a few seconds and then they vanish and leave us waiting for some more.

To my surprise, Stephanie of Two Daloo has made almost impossible project - Reusable Bubbles. Thanks to her great passion for play-based learning, first she came up with Galaxy Slime but then with a slight modification in consistency rubbery gak was produced and it occurred to be perfect for trapping some air inside to make a bubble. The activity looks encouragingly, especially when it comes to the gigantic size of the bubbles. I feel my kids will go berserk.

If your children also like sensory tasks and hands-on exploration, you should present these rubbery sticky pastime to them. Don’t forget to let us know how it went.

Check out the tutorial on Two Daloo.

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:


Give your little ones more fun and make these long-lasting bubbles with them!

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