Recycled Tires Pond

Build a wonderful, relaxing spot in your garden.
Water was always important in my life. Not only because of its washing qualities but also, or even especially because of its relaxing properties. It might be funny, but I am able to relax sitting by the basin full of water in my living room.

A couple of years ago I was watching my mum digging holes in her garden (couldn't help as I was pregnant). Back then, I was thinking how hard it was and that the foil was not going to resist long, for the ground tends to move with years. I wish I'd known this cool Recycled Tires Pond project then. As the source is in Ukrainian, we will show you all the pictures from their photo guide and try to write our descriptions.

If I had my own garden now, I would do my pond this way for sure. However, I predict there will be some opinions that we shouldn't put this rubber into the ground! Do you know any better idea how to recycle old tires??

I think you agree that there should be at least a little pond in each garden, arranged with our favorite flowers and possibly other plants so that we could sit beside and read a good book during hot summer days. I believe in your creativity here, but maybe you decide to combine these three in one garden - Cake Pan Garden Stepping Stones, Tuna Can Candle Lantern and Recycled Tires Pond? Let us know how it all worked on our facebook profile!

What you need:


  • A level
  • A shovel
  • A scroll saw

Supplies / ingredients:

  • An old tire
  • Strong, garden foil (easy to buy in garden center)
  • Sand
  • Gravel and pebbles
  • Big stones
  • Plants

Prepare all tools and supplies in the chosen spot in your garden (be sure it is flat and with the smallest amount of sharp stones in the ground)

Recycled Tires Pond 01


Use a shovel to dig a hole big enough to place your tire inside with a certain amount of sand underneath, but live a bit above the ground (that will make folding the foil easier). Put some sand inside and use a level to make the bottom of the hole perfectly flat. After doing this, place the tire inside.

Recycled Tires Pond 02


Now be very careful while using scroll saw. Cut the upper part of the tire around as shown on the picture, so that it was wider.

Recycled Tires Pond 03


I recommed you clean the whole inside from spare stones or any sharp items before laying the tire out with foil.

Recycled Tires Pond 04


Here you can see tires wrapped with the foil, and one of them is all wrapped around as it stays on the level of the ground. The space around the tire is heaped up with the gravel.

Recycled Tires Pond 05


Place all the big stones around tightly to prevent the foil from coming away of the tire. Don’t forget to be creative :).

Recycled Tires Pond 06


Fill the pond with water, arrange the sourrounding the way you like and be happy you have got your own Recycled Tires Pond.

Recycled Tires Pond 07
Recycled Tires Pond

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  1. Anonymous says:

    here in the states,we call that a pond liner,not foil….I saw foil and thought of shiny aluminum…hahaha

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